Craig Sullivan

AB Testing and UX - a love story with numbers and people


What’s wrong with the web these days? The mobile experience sucks. The customer experience sucks. It doesn’t work. It’s too hard to use. The text is too small. Nobody measures this happening. The interaction patterns suck. Nobody ever calls up to complain but nobody does anything anyway. Millions of people lose countless days to friction, poor design and frustrating moments on their devices.

There may be thousands of things you can fix that look promising – but how do you know where to start? What if you could measure what sucked, where it sucked and how big the problem was? Using lightweight research methods and tools, you can stop making excuses and start knowing exactly what to do. Life becomes much simpler and easier with a scientific method of optimising growth or delight within your product.

Craig has trained over 500 people on how to measure and optimise their product experience, finding 100M of ‘lost revenue’ using just one of the techniques you will learn. With reports, checklists, downloadable templates and toolkits for every budget and stage of growth – you can stop guessing tomorrow.


  1. How to segment your audience and device experiences to find opportunities.
  2. How to avoid doing Toxic AB testing where nothing really happens.
  3. What tools, techniques and rapid methods help you find and fix stuff faster.

About Craig

Craig has been blending UX, Analytics, AB Testing and Insight methods for over 12 years now, optimising outcomes for places like Google, Spotify, Lego, Asos and the FT. Using a mixture of design thinking, lean, agile, data, experimentation and cultural change, he’s driven £3bn in additional revenue for his clients.