Jason Bootle

Down time = up time


Elite sportspeople rarely work in isolation. If they are to master their sport and achieve their sporting goals they must have a dedicated team around them.

The whole team needs the motivation to continuously improve, to deliberately practice and, most importantly, schedule a dedicated practice of reflection.

During my time designing a learning platform for elite sportspeople, I discovered the way athletes trained (and learned) was similar to the way we develop digital products.

I’ve since learnt the lack of a reflective practice in my personal life and the teams and organisations I work with takes it’s toll, mentally and creatively.

While design teams aim for continuous improvement, elite sportspeople are more disciplined and better focused with deliberate and reflective practices.

It’s not easy, but I’ll share my experiences (good and bad) about what makes a productive team and how reflective practice helps you achieve it.

About Jason

Jason Bootle designs products and services. He believes in collaboration, continuous learning and committing time for reflection. Through his company Pop Gun he mentors start-ups and business on agile and lean methods and how to improve their business through customer centric design. He has designed things for Telegraph, Bank of America, Premier League, Sir Clive Woodward and is currently designing services for Ministry of Justice.